Our firm specializes in full-service detention equipment and security electronic solutions for justice facilities in the state of Texas and across the country. From pre-construction to installation at new facilities, to service and upgrades in existing facilities, we’re committed to upholding the highest project delivery and safety standards. 

Our team will work with you, and alongside the most experienced professionals and craftworkers to execute fully-custom solutions to your most challenging problems.

We’ll partner with you throughout pre-construction, project management, and administration, into field installation and commissioning, and through to warranty. We also offer our services once we complete the job.

Detention Equipment Contracting

We are the premier, certified Southern Folger Detention Equipment Contractor in Texas. This is what we can do:

Security Electronics Contracting

We are the premier Security Electronics Contractor in the Justice Market in Texas. This is what we can do:


Detention Equipment and Security Electronics System Service and Maintenance

We perform maintenance, repairs and equipment upgrades for detention equipment and security electronics systems in existing justice facilities.